That New Helicopter Smell

“You know the new aircraft is here right?”

Marky blurted it out during our change of shift brief this morning. His hair was standing on end, and he hadn’t had time to wipe the sleep from his eyes. He was TRYING to tell me about his three flights from last night, and ended up telling me about the helicopter mid-sentence. I didn’t let him finish.

I made a bee line for the hanger, Marky trailing behind in his socks trying to fit words together enough in his sleep deprived state to make sense. The new helicopter smell hit me as I was oooing and ahhhing over the gorgeous paint job. The people at Sikorski were just as excited about the design as we were.

Unfortunately, I don’t have permission to post photos of the outside of the aircraft yet, so the suspense will have to build. I will save the paint story for later too. Instead, here are photos and video of us today from the inside on my first flight in the new aircraft.

Yeah, and I broke the helicopter already. Okay, not really. A small Plexiglas door just kinda came out of its track. Shhhh. It went back in!

And I even took my shoes off the first time I got in it.

Img 4285 2 

First published photo of me
in the new aircraft

Img 4302 2
(yeah, the guy who wrote that wasn’t a perve!
Guess you really won’t need that smoke then, huh?)

Img 4292
Me and Gwen,
one of the Flight Communicators

Img 4307
View from the CockPit
Brad’s awesome custom helmet
(will explain later)

This unedited video is of our take off today. There is a great view of our hanger out the left window and if you listen closely, you can hear me laughing over the engine noise. I am too behind to take the time to edit it, so I apologize for how rough it is!

Well, I have Army this weekend, so the posts will be even more sparse than usual. I am, however, taking the camera and the video camera, with the hope that I will get some more interesting stuff to post.

If you sent me an email and haven’t gotten a response, I apologize! I will get to it when I get home. My CCRN audit (all 50+ pages of it to keep my CCRN) took priority.

  1. Hey it’s “AeroPaisley”. Just kidding. I mean “PaiselyMed”. Relax! All in good fun. Lot’s o’ love. Tehe!

  2. Hey it’s “AeroPaisley”. Just kidding. I mean “PaiselyMed”. Relax! All in good fun. Lot’s o’ love. Tehe!

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