Change of Shift Volume Two, Number Seventeen, Murphy’s Law

You know Murphy’s Law, right? Anything that can go wrong, WILL?

The one day you are late for work, is the day you are one nurse short. You have extra patients, so the 9:00 meds are late from pharmacy. That is when you are told that patient 4 is on-call to the OR, two minutes before transport is there to get them. Then half a second after you realize that patient’s pre-op antibiotics aren’t there yet, your patient number six codes?

Murphy’s Law

Yeah, well, that is what happened yesterday to the very first video edition of Change of Shift. I will spare you the details, and instead, just start apologizing profusely.

I . am . so . sorry . . .

Without further delay, I belatedly bring you Mid-February, 2008’s edition of Change of Shift!

This week we have a “Fix It Yourself” theme. The entries tackled everything from nurse burnout to the environment to health insurance. So, as they say, let’s get it started (finally)!

Fix It

How can we take care of our patients if we don’t first take care of ourselves? Gregory at SharpBrains describes stress in Stress and Neural Wreckage: Part of the Brain Placticity Puzzle. As if they planned it, Mike from Nursing Health and Wellness submitted Techniques of Managing Stress which includes great suggestions for avoiding burnout.

Caroline, a nursing student concerned with the environment, has some great thoughts and suggestions for all of us in Nursing Students: Get Green! on her blog Brain Scramble.

The majority of the contributors dug into even meatier topics. ERMurse submitted a very informative post entitled RME: Rapid Mediocre Evaluation (aka: Rapid Medical Evaluation). ERNursey tackled the endless glut of flow sheets and documentation created in the name of patient safety by the behemoth we all know and love in Hello JCAHO.



Raymond, over at Money Blue Book gives us an insider’s look at getting something more personal fixed—his eyes—in My Experience with Lasik Eye Surgery. Sagar presents solutions to two huge issues on the blog, Live Smarter which is part of the website Online Nursing Degree Directory, in the entries, 10 Ways to Fix Healthcare, and No Health Insurance? 10 Alternative Ways to Get Medical Care.

The “Fix It” theme continues over at Physician Entrepreneur. Dr. DeJesus writes about an initiative which pays primary care physician incentives for improving preventive care and its coordination in Doctors Get Bonuses for Raising the Bar.



NPs Save Lives gets a big HIGH FIVE from this Nurse Practitioner for not allowing a pharmacist to use the excuse, “We always do this though,” in her post Excuse Me?

Sometimes, according to Laura over at Adventures in Juggling, solving problems can be as simple as serenading a drug exposed newborn being weaned off of Morphine with Grammy winning song “Rehab” in her post, Isn’t it Ironic.

Wait, isn’t that a song too???

Two other contributors emailed entries discussing non-medical issues that reach us all. Freddie’s post Can the US Prevent a Starvation Crisis? from the blog with the same name. John at Truthful Lending also gives personal insight in The Biggest Scam Your Bank Gets Away With Every Day.

Mother Jones, who recently gave my nurse’s cap a prestigious 10/10, shares a bit of her bad day that ended well in, The New Job at her blog Nurse Ratched’s Place.

Faith, who writes at The Oracle takes us through something we have all stressed over, hands on testing, in her post Razzle Dazzle.

Wanderer, in What You Don’t Want to See, Part 2, spins a great visual with a case study flavor at his blog Lost on the Floor. His line, “Only thing was, it woke him out of a dead sleep…” was the best of the best.



For the Kleenex section of this edition, I give you two entries. The first from Miss-Elaine-ious over at The Life and Times of a LongTerm Student, in her post Accidental Death. Caring for children is difficult for every one of us.

In the second, Jennifer received gracious permission to repost the entry Definition of a Hero on her blog Days of My Life. Jennifer—thank you so much for passing this on. It was an amazing read.


Thanks to Kim, the creator of Change of Shift for giving me the chance to host this week. She will be hosting the 6 March, 2008 edition of Change of Shift at Emergiblog! Submit your posts through Blog Carnival or to her at: er underscore kim at emergiblog dot com.

Thanks for visiting, and thank you for your patience in the delay of this edition! The video, which I swear we did, will be posted as soon as I take care of my issue with Murphy.

UPDATE: Mark and I worked at this for HOURS and it took until today for Mark (and eventually his lovely wife!) to finally declare victory over Murphy and the tech demons.

I am happy to announce the very first, although belated, video version of Change of Shift! Of note? My Saab, aka: Sylvia is filthy because all washing her would do with the low temps is give her a fresh coat of ice, so back off Kev! Also, Code Blog was mentioned incorrectly as the next host blog. Thanks again Marky!

  1. Wow! Thanks for all of the feedback! Mark and I had a great time doing the video . . . until the computer issues. Still, we will be doing more in the future and I can’t wait to host again!

  2. Wow! Thanks for all of the feedback! Mark and I had a great time doing the video . . . until the computer issues. Still, we will be doing more in the future and I can’t wait to host again!

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