Oh No She DIDN’T! crzegrl as you have NEVER seen her!

Let me preface this post by saying this photo was taken under duress.

This was my graduation photo from Elizabethtown Community College’s Nursing program in 2002.

Yes, Mother Jones, the nursing cap was still optional.

My class actually voted ‘yes’ to wearing them at our pinning ceremony. I didn’t attend (but not because of the cap decision) so there are no photos from that event for me to be blackmailed with.

So dearest Mother Jones, how does my cap rate on your scale of 1-10?

Oh No She Didnt
Emily J. McGee, THEN


Img 4090
Emily J. McGee, Now

Why do I foresee that photo being used for evil at the hanger? Just remember kids, paybacks are HELL. Just sayin’.

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