For those of you who still aren’t up on Twitter, here is your formal invitation, or kick in the pants as it were.
I have so many friends (Benny, Craig, Mississippi Pauli, Kev, Kip) whom I have a hell of a time keeping up with. HINT HINT!

Twitter can be updated via text message or internet so we are at least reassured that you are alive and kickin’ and not, “pulling a Pauli.”

Oh yeah, this post is a direct result of my reading Not Nurse Ratched’s “In defense of Twitter.”

Yes kids, if my AWESOME in-laws can Twitter, you can too. (ok, yeah, my in-laws are just 100 times cooler than yours! I’m just sayin’.)

Don’t make me get out my boots and whip!

And for those of you who are already on Twitter???

I’m crzegrl15—–add me!

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