Luck is Where Preparation Meets Opportunity

This page, part of, is a chronological collection of posts titled: “Becoming a Flight Nurse.” Flight Nursing is a unique specialty in the nursing world as there is no one way to get there. Each flight nurse brings a unique set of experiences and skills with them on each mission. Although openings for flight nurses are coveted and rare, they do exist.

I approached my quest to be the one in the flight nurse’s seat believing that, “Luck favors a prepared mind,” and “Luck is where preparation meets opportunity.” I also knew that, “the squeaky nurse (aka–the PIA nurse with creds and the right personality) gets the job.”

It is my hope that my experiences and the information I present will inspire you in your quest to become a better nurse, because that is what being a Flight Nurse is about, becoming the best of the best. I also hope to encourage you to approach Nursing as a profession instead of just a job. When I was a new flight medic, I asked one of my sergeants if he still got scared when the mission bell rang.

He stopped and purposefully turned, looking me in the eye, “Emily, the day you are no longer afraid is the day you need to quit.”

Being a professional is about the quest to always be better, respect your skills, but know your limitations.

I’m still scared.