Happy Valentine’s day from the AACN


I am one of those people who just LOVES getting mail. Packages are even better, especially when they are a surprise. While sorting through the plethora of nursing junk mail and bills (I think I am on EVERY mailing list that nursing organizations could possibly sell), that wonderful little “pick-up your package” note came fluttering down.

After a quick phone call to Patrick, I realized it wasn’t a v-day box from him. Next was a text to another friend to see if it was from him. No dice.

My curiosity was killing me. Meow baby!

All my hopes for a nice Valentine from a secret admirer came crashing to a burning pile of wreckage when the nice lady at the post office handed me a priority mail envelope that I had to sign for.

It was addressed to Emily J. McGee, RN, MN, CCRN, CEN, CFRN, APRN-BC, NREMT-P.

That was my first clue that this wasn’t going to be good.

Dear Emily,

This letter is to inform you that your November 1st, 2007 certification renewal application has been randomly selected for audit by the AACN Certification Corporation.

Happy freakin’ Valentine’s Day . . . they could have at least enclosed some chocolate!

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