Invitation to Change of Shift the CRZEGRL Way

This is a formal invitation to my Change of Shift crze adventure! Why an adventure you say? Because I do nothing the dull way!!!!!!!

I would like to formally thank Kim at Emergiblog for allowing me to host the next Change of Shift on 21 Feb 08! KimRN—Great job on this week’s CoS.

Theme? Why yes! Send me the Craziest patient, staff, family encounters you have ever had! Can’t think of anything? Send me your best post of the last two weeks anyways. I live life on the edge and my hosting of Change of Shift will not be an exception.

Please send submissions to me by 12 noon EST on 20 Feb:
emily at crzegrl dot net
Don’t forget to put “Change of Shift”
in the subject line so I don’t miss it!

Until then, I thought I would give you some of the best themes from past Change of Shifts!

*DisappearingJohn RN– “All Access, Behind the Scenes Tour” of our local Blog Community Hospital
*Life in the NHS–“Key Nursing Skills”
*Nurse Ratched’s Place–“It’s Valentine’s Day at Change of Shift”
*CodeBlog: Tales of a Nurse–“St. Patrick’s Day”
*Nurse Ratched’s Place–“TV Land and the nurses who inhabit the television airwaves”
*Nurse Ratched’s Place–“Anniversary Edition of Change of Shift”
*Nursing Link (Beth)—First non-blog site host
*Musings of a Highly Trained Monkey—“What Color Crayola Crayon Are You?”
*Nurse Ratched’s Place–“Roundup Time”
*How I Spent My Nursing Education–“Back in Nursing School”
*madness: tales of an emergency room nurse–“to bob barker…thanks for the memories”
*Nurse Ratched’s Place–“Let’s Play Nurse”

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