Important Opportunity for Nurse Bloggers!

Just wanted to pass on this tidbit for all you nurses who have wanted the opportunity to write for the paper world! PLEASE PASS THIS ON!

Kaplan Publishing has put out a call for submissions for a series of nursing anthologies. From the email I received:

Kaplan Publishing is launching an exciting new series of nonfiction books
that share the stories behind the relationships, experiences, and issues
nurses encounter on the job‹whether they work in a hospital, clinic, home
setting, hospice, private medical practice, or elsewhere.

These slice-of-life stories are written by nurses from all walks of life and
provide unique personal insights into powerful universal truths.
Entertaining and educational, inspirational and practical, each book will
feature 20­25 true stories about the experiences and relationships that
inspire and enrich the lives of nurses and all those who come into contact
with them.

The entries are to be between 1000-2500 words in length but here is the important part: THE DEADLINES ARE SOON!

15 FEB: “Reflections on Doctors”
1 MAR: “Final Moments: Death and Dying”
1 MAY: “Meditations on Hope”

Please go here for more information on how to submit!

Again, please pass this information on as I would like to make sure that as many of us who are passionate about what we do have an opportunity to be published.

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