Blogging ADOBSO

Ron, one of the nurses I work with, looked at me one day during shift change and said, “Emily, have your ever heard of ADOBSO?”

We were both military and medical to boot, so acronyms are just a part of our daily lives, and the source of much humor.

I stood there, thinking trying to work it out. I gave up when the corner of Ron’s mouth twitched, begging to break into a grin.

“I give up.”

He looked at me “Well, it stands for: Attention Defic—-OOOOhhhhh Bright Shiny Object!” as his attention swung to the shiniest thing in the room.

I’ve gotten much mileage out of it since.

And that, dear reader is how my blogging has been lately, here there an everywhere, just not in a final posting form! So, I apologize for the plethora of short announcement type posts that I am putting up today.


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