Be My Valentine? My BlogTalkRadio date with Dr. Anonymous


I am so very excited to be part of “EstroFest” on BlogTalkRadio, hosted by Doctor Anonymous on Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14 at 9 p.m. EST!

For those of you who haven’t participated yet, Doctor Anonymous, a self-proclaimed blogaholic, is the host of his own Internet broadcasted talk show. Last night’s edition was amazing with the famous blogger/surgeon Dr. Sid Schwab and the largest audience to date. This is becoming quite the place to be for medical/nursing bloggers and we are hoping that next week’s show will break more records.

The EstoFest panel consists of a patient, a medic, a nurse (me!) and a doctor. We have the entire range covered.

EstroFest Panel—–

Doctor Anonymous—Host @ Doctor Anonymous
Jenni—Patient @ Chronicbabe
Emily—Medic, aka Emergency Emm @ Backboards and Bandaids
Me—Nurse, aka Crzegrl and @ NursingBytes
Val—Physician, aka Dr. Val @ Dr. Val and The Voice of Reason

What do we all have in common? Loud yelling in the chat room that Dr. A needed more Estrogen on his show! Thus, EstroFest was born.

Although I will be putting more reminders up, here is the link for the show. I would suggest logging in and signing up for a blogtalkradio account before the show begins so you can be a known user in the chat room where the action really takes place!

Can’t wait to have you all there. Oh, and Dr. Val? Thanks for the plug ;)—I’m always willing to bring on the shock value.

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