Way of the blog—New Additions to crzegrl

I know my posting has been sparse the past week. Fear not, it HAS been for a good reason!

Over the past two weeks, I have hatched a plan for a new series of posts focused in on Flight Nursing as a profession based on your emails!

So, without giving too much away, I am creating a series of posts on how to become a flight nurse. They will be presented in a logical format and will include information on the profession, aircraft, crew management, patient population, etc. With that, I will use real life flight scenarios, photos, and the crzegrl vlog to bring it from a flat interest to a 3-D passion.

In the end, my goal is to end up with a resource for anyone interested in the flight nursing profession.

I do, however, need to ask a favor. Please, please PLEASE keep sending me your emails! Send me questions, ideas or comments as I want to be sure this resource covers as much as possible. Every time I get something emailed from one of you, I am able to look at what I do through different eyes, and it gets me excited about flying and nursing all over again.

Until then, enjoy the new vlog entry and be sure to visit the comment section where I linked to not just my vlog entries, but to video of some of my flights!

  1. I’ve been looking for someone to explain how the process would work – I look forward to reading it!

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