Seriously—What (tattooed) Disney Princess Are You?

I have to admit something. I am kinda drawn to those online quiz things. Gawd it is almost like a teenage girl admitting she is knocked up!

So, anyways, my friend April sent me a linky-lu on Facebook for the quiz, “What Disney Princess Are You, and funny enough, the description actually pegged me:

I’m Ariel

You are the adventurous princess. Although set into a life of luxury and wealth, you crave the unknown. Learning new things is an integral part of your nature. You have the extraordinary ability of meeting new people without having any preconceived biases. You know what you want and you are willing to take the risk to get it. You’re Ariel!

Okay, minus the luxury and wealth part.

Even my tattoos give it away.

Img 0200

Img 3707

Flickr collection here.

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