Information Overload

The past two days have been ones thick with Internet based information/meetings and such. Unfortunately, although I have been engrossed in projects, my blogging is a bit behind.

For those of you dear readers who have sent me email recently, I apologize from my toes, but responding is very high on the priority list!

As I am still breaking in NursingBytes and have some housekeeping here that I want to do, I am hoping that balance will soon be struck.

In the mean time, I saw a cool post (of course I can’t find where) documenting photographs of the work spaces of different game tech designers, execs. Thought I would go with that and give you guys a look at my little corner of the world.

Img 4045
Big Mac and Little Mac

Img 4044
Oh the gadgets galore!

Yes, those are x-ray print outs on my wall. I will tell stories about them later. And yes, for the observant, that IS a Sony UX60 Clie’ on the far right. I just can’t seem to get rid of the damn thing.

More stories to come. I just have to walk away from this screen for a bit.

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