Good day in the Blogging World

Today is one of those days where I wake up after working a night shift, grab the best cup of coffee I have ever had (best cause it is the one in front of me!) and find some extraordinarily cool shit on the internet.

Even better than the stuff I found has been the comments on both blogs from some new readers! I am stoked! (stoked not stroked! — geesh, pervs *cough* SRNA dweebs)

Anyhoo…am past the down hill slide in my 5 shift series. I have 2 nights to go and with the unfortunate weather am sitting on a bolo thus far. As with anything else in the realm of emergency medicine I have just brought a HUGE BAD MOJO JINX DOWN UPON MY HEAD! Sorry guys, had to do it. We will be flying our asses off tonight. WooHoo!

That jinx is for my favorite pilot (my favorite is the one who happens to be flying the bus!–see coffee above) who’s last day before getting his foot cut upon is tonight. Gonna have to go visit him when he is all gimped up cause I can hassle him and he won’t be able to catch me! Jeff, I wouldn’t want you to go out with a fizzle!

Img 3580 2
Jeff, favorite pilot of the day,
catching a ride to a remote scene in a fire truck

I guess the mania with crzegrl continues. Gawd bless mega b-vitamins and coffee.

Tonight will hopefully be interesting.

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