Senator McCain’s Rally in Michigan—Live Blog Summary

As I was standing in flight com this morning someone mentioned that the very large plane in the process of parking was Senator McCain’s.  15 minutes later I found myself on the way to one of the Airport hangers where McCain was holding a rally.  Shirley and Frank (who work with me) were game and on a moments notice with iPhone and digital camera in hand we headed out as I wanted try my hand at live blogging.

Political views aside, this was an interesting way to spend my morning.

Although I didn’t have a good flow for doing something live, it was cool to have the capability of instantly notifying friends in California and Hawaii (via Twitter and SMS) of what I was doing.

My intentions were to attempt to get the rest of the photos/videos from my camera uploaded, but alas—-my work internet is giving me fits.

Partial Flickr set here.  Will update when I get more up.

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