Convoluted Surfing and the Great Blogs I have Found!

So, I think I started by reading through my coComments stuff to see what I have missed over the past few days. I then did the click this person’s profile, read something good, follow a link, find another great blog, read their blog roll and I ended up with this great new stuff:

Pink/Warm/Dry (who I have been reading!)
to Backboards and Bandaids, Papers and Projects… a cool EMS chick who has my sense of humor
to Pitchpull and EMS pilot
to The Adventures of Chopper Chick! and FlyGirl their names say it all

While I am at it, go read this post at BBPP… One of the most touching posts I have read in a long time.

Earlier, I found on Libby’s blogroll at Don’t Take Life Too Seriously. (thanks!)

And keeping with the Star Wars thing just a bit, bit longer, here is a link to a VERY interesting theory about an undercurrent story line which isn’t obvious on the surface of the movies….

As we now know, the rebel Alliance was founded by Yoda, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Bail Organa. What can readily be deduced is that their first recruit, who soon became their top field agent, was R2-D2.


Okay, enough links for one post!

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