I’m officially entered in the ‘What makes you strong?’ Titanium Challenge!!!

Titanium Challenge

I’m officially entered into the Titanium Challenge!!!

Please excuse a bit of self promotion, but I am excited! I entered the Titanium Challenge (sponsored by Columbia) because of the topic: “What Makes You Strong?” It was incredibly difficult to write the entry paragraph because I wanted to add so much (my friends, my family, etc) but I was happy with the end result. The cool part? I got to add some kick ass photos! Let there be no mistake how the “CrazyGirl” nickname was earned! Here is the paragraph I submitted:

My patients make me strong. As a flight nurse I care for the most sick and injured patients imaginable. My strength brings them hope. I protect, intervene and give compassion to the families as well. I am reminded daily that life is so precious and, at times, short. With that knowledge I face my fears head on and constantly challenge myself to learn something new. Because of this, I’ve learned to skydive, snowboard, SCUBA dive, and have served as both a flight medic and nurse in the Army. Through it all, my husband keeps me strong when he reminds me that when I have done everything for a patient who still dies, I gave them the best chance at living. That when things are at their most difficult, it is when I am at my best.

I just got the email that my entry was up today and actually almost accidently deleted the notification as spam. Oops!

Okay, now here is the self promotion piece: Please go to the entry and add comments!!! Although my chances for winning are slim and that wasn’t really my expectation, it would be cool to use this as a place to do some nurse stereotype beat-down!

Link for my entry here.