Why I am a member of “The Club”

I am spending part of the afternoon going through the posts I flagged over the past year for one reason or another. This post made me instantly think of my friends in “The Club,” and why their company, wit, opinions, and friendship is important to me. I know it is bad form to quote an entire post, but damn it all, I did it anyways.

High School:

This is what high school was supposed to be like: wild house parties where everyone gets drunk and crazy and hooks up and passes out and drama happens and everyone pitches in to clean up so your parents don’t find out. Long afternoons bleeding into evenings hanging out on the shag pile carpet with four of your best friends, making mall runs to pick up colorful toys, watching anime with the sound off, arguing about what music to listen to and telling each other everything about your whole entire life and laughing uncontrollably at what idiots you all are. And then when we’re around other people and we say “look, a stick!” or “what are we listening to again?” or “we need to burp the bubbledragon” we all burst out laughing and nobody else understands why.

This is what high school was supposed to be like, but it wasn’t for any of us. We were all too weird or too unpopular or too busy getting good grades or getting into trouble or moving a billion times or working all the time to spend all day lazing around on a carpet cracking each other up. So we have to do it now. In between having jobs and planning a theme camp and throwing parties and starting shit up and making things happen, we have to lie flat on our backs laughing so hard we can’t breathe. As smart and successful as we are in real life, we act like retards around each other. Because for some of us, it’s the first time in our lives we really can.

Although we didn’t all always fit into the “weird” category it is good to find those you will go to the grave with. Kev, MPauli, and Benny…I miss you tons. We have to quit being so damned busy….The Girl ™

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