I Pity The Fool: A Team versus B Team

There is so much in this post that I have felt, but 1) have never been able to define and 2) have never read anywhere else. Thank you Head Nurse for putting this into words for me!

I Pity The Fool: A Team versus B Team:

Even A teams have B days, for sure. Sometimes everybody’s a mess, or getting sick, or a mess *and* getting sick. The A teams, though, pull out of the weeds and keep going, while the B team floors fall to hell. I’m lucky enough to have landed on the A-est of the A-teams at our facility, and fortunate to be able to keep up with my coworkers. After the last few weeks, I am not going anywhere else. Ever. Period.

That’s the kind of loyalty the A team inspires.

Go read the entire thing…please.

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