Web 2.0 increases the risk of DVTs

No, I’m not posting about some scientific, prospective, randomized research study! Geesh, who do you think I am, some Ivy League Educated geek-snob?

Pish Posh!

Ske Couch Potato Lg

No my dear reader, I am referring to the un-godly number of hours I have spent immersed in the world of Web 2.0, all the while, firmly planted on my ass.

Please refer to the additions and changes to my side bar where you will find a lovely linking graphic displaying my web presence in all of its nerdy glory. Yes, I really do use all of those. Oh allllright. I use some more than others. Out of the new additions, I am particularly fond of the Twitter widget, and am liking the usability of coComments.

[and while adding the hyperlink to Twitter above I got notification that NPsSaveLives just added me. HooHoo!]

Yummy to my nerdy tummy!

I spent too much time working on updating my blogroll. If your link disappeared and you are still blogging, please send me an email so I can put you back. I also did my best to update my RSS aggregator. There was a lot I needed to clean out there as well.

I know by now, you must be asking yourself the following question:

Why on earth does a geek girl like me need MySpace, FaceBook AND a blog?

Very simple to answer that one!

Because . I . Can

Now that I have successfully completed my winter web weeding, I am going in search of new stuff to read! But, then again, maybe I will leave that until tomorrow when I won’t have to worry so much about the blood clots forming in my legs from physical inactivity.

Before I return to my regularly scheduled nerdiness, i will leave you with two tidbits of information:

1) I have an announcement to make about something that is scaring the bejezzzes out of me but is exciting all the same.

2) From the far reaching realms of my nerdy mind, I will be rolling out something new in the next 2 days. Please wait with baited breath!

Alright. Put a fork in me. I am done.