My Most Unexpected Christmas Memory

I was given so many wonderful gifts this year. My most treasured, however were the moments I was able to spend with my family and friends. Although this is always very important to me, it seems as though it was magnified this year, as it was condensed within a few short days.

It began with dinner at the ‘New-New House.’ Mom and dad, brother and sisters (and their spouses), nieces and nephews, and Patrick and B.J. were all present for the holiday christening of my parent’s new home. Although Sarah and B.J. postponed their beer drinking rematch (my money is on Sarah!), Lily was the queen of the veggie dip conduit (carrot) thanks to Uncle Patrick.

Img 3919

Img 3921

Michigan Holiday Flickr set here.

Next came time with Patrick’s family in southern California. It was our first Christmas all together with his family in years. It was amazing to just simply sit with them and spend time in their beautiful, peaceful, new house. Of the days spent with them, I am also grateful for not one, but two, afternoons with one of the most poised, intelligent and interesting men I have ever met. Peter–I look forward to many more long conversations and simply being in your company.

Yesterday, prior to heading back to the cold of Michigan, I spent a few short hours with both a my great friend Rene from the Army, as well as my Uncle Michael and his partner Heather, all of whom I haven’t seen in years. As always, it was just not long enough!

Out of all of these great memories of Christmas 2007, the most unexpected of all, was the time I had with Kevin, his wife Monica and Paul over video iChat on Christmas evening.

Video Snapshot Of Kevin Ponder 1
iChat Screen Shot
(l to r) Monica, Kev, Paul, me lower middle

Afterward, I smiled like a crazy girl with an amusing inner dialog for the rest of the evening.

Not to be forgotten were all of the well wishes from people all over the country and world in the form of email, text messages and comments on my blog/myspace/facebook. It was great to hear from you all.

So, as I refocus my energies on something other then completing the next stage of Star Wars Lego on Patrick’s PS3, I am basking in the memories from this holiday season. I was reminded, yet again, how rich my life is because of those I love.

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