The O’Hare Saga Continues!

The O'Hare Saga Continues!

The O’Hare Saga Continues!,
originally uploaded by crzegrl15.

I know that it isn’t O’Hare’s fault for being placed in a winter
wonderland, and we won’t discuss my decision to stay in Michigan. This
photo does not do the snow justice.

So here I sit, after running (okay, walking with a purpose!) from the
end of the K terminal to the very end of G. The incremental delays in
15 minute jumps have begun. I just hope we make it out of here before
the storm picks up more snow and dumps it in Michigan.

I’m going back to listening in on the pinched older lady sitting
across from me as she pauses her book reading long enough to bitch
about yet another aspect of the airline industry.

Here is to hoping peanut M & M’s have become a good source of protein.