Apple G5 (iMac) Power Supply Failure—take THREE

Imacg5 20Als

I have had the power supply in my G5 replaced twice, logic board once. The damn thing began randomly shutting off again and now won’t even turn on. To steal an EMS acronym, it is DRT (dead right there).

There is a silver lining of sorts to this. I paid the 200ish bucks for the extended warranty some time ago. The first go round cost $185. The second? $999.06. Both were covered. Looks as though we will be up to at least another $185 at a minimum.

Both times they had issues replicating the problem and both times it was fixed anyways. The customer service from both the telephone support and the in store support has been amazing. Have absolutely NO complaints on that end.

My question of the night?

Does Apple have a lemon policy?

Trust me when I say I as excited to realize that I am still covered until 7/28/08!!! So I am covered even without one.

Yay me!