Personal blogging evolution

For the first four years of my blog, I used it more as a journal of sorts. It was a place to go when I needed to write. Only my close friends knew about it and I maintained a sense of semi-anonymity.

This summer brought about quite a lot of change in my personal life. It was almost as though I was able to push up through the dirt, unfurl my leaves and bloom. Part of that metamorphosis was the decision to no longer blog half hidden.

With that being decided, I told my chief flight nurse about my blog and the plans I have for it. I slowly began telling my colleagues who have offered great support (yes Maria you ARE my favorite communicator!).

I actually had one of my Docs call and ask for my blog address so he could show a friend (hey Steve!). This excites me to no end. As so many people who have been ‘outted’ or even fired for their blogs, I couldn’t be more grateful. They have gone so far as to give me ideas and even video (thanks Ron!). Just as important to me is that they are reading it. They are helping me make sure I am not overstepping boundaries (thanks Tony!) and keeping it as I intend: a positive but realistic look at flight medicine and medical aviation.

With this, I decided to post my CV online in its entirety. Okay, minus my phone and address. I am also adding a page that has more information about me and why I do what I do.

Hopefully by seeing a real person, being a real nurse, my life will touch, inspire, give hope and convince at least one nurse or potential nurse that this profession is not one of being a handmaiden. It isn’t all about bedpans, following orders, or the realm of the woman. To be a successful nurse you must be open minded, intelligent, have a passion for people, a thirst for knowledge, and above all want to help and protect those who need it the most: our patients.

That is why I blog.

That is why my life is online and my heart is always on my sleeve.

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Me blogging via pen and paper

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