Link Love with some Interesting Bits and Bobs

What does an adrenaline, nerd girl do with a few days off? Yes that is right folks, surf the Internet. For hours. And hours. I will blame my physical sloth on feeling yucky. Be that as it may, here are some interesting additions to my site, places I have spent too much time, and diamond finds.

First I bring you a few new additions to my blogroll:

Doctor Anonymous under the Medical heading. Yet another blog I can’t believe I haven’t added earlier. I am VERY interested in the edgy nerd stuff he is integrating into the medical blog-o-sphere.

The T-Dude: A Growing Discontent Since 1965 under the General heading. Interesting bits about what is going on in the world.

Next is a link I have mentioned before: The Nation’s Nursing Community

This is a site I have spent quite some time the past few days. Apparently, I am flagged as one of the founding members but shamefully hadn’t visited for MONTHS. Hopefully I have resolved some of that with quite a lot of writing/photos/videos. It is a great idea and great community.

If you are a member please add me! (username: crzegrl)

A True Gem and all around great read from Ian at titled “how to be a nurse”:


Download the .pdf for free here. Not only did I print it out and devour it all in one sitting, I passed it on to another nurse I know. Wow.

I also have made some housekeeping changes to the site.

-My rss feeds for both posts and comments are now directed through FeedBurner
-I added a link and ranking graphic to
-I added a Technorati ranking graphic and fave button
-I added a button to add my blog to Bloglines
-Now have my status to the TTLB ecosystem

I guess I have accomplished and read quite a lot the last few days. Geesh!

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