Choosing a Vanity Plate

I have spent way too much time contemplating a vanity plate for Sylvia <<the car>>. My first choice, “INKED,” and my second “ADRNLN” were both taken. So, I mentioned stealing a friend’s idea


but was told that would earn me a beating. Next I considered


but don’t want to give the wrong impression. One shouldn’t create an image of a girl with a pocket protector and tape on her glasses.

So I tossed around the idea of referring to my blog habits with


since “blogger” was already taken. But that was a bit, well, boring.

My last idea


is in reference to the tattoo on my neck. It represents my love of the ocean, and my fascination with being in the air. Maybe that sounds a bit to close to swimmies.

Maybe I should just go with


because enough is enough!

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