Gummi Bear Thanksgiving Video

One of the flight nurses I work with, an incredible guy himself, has the most amazing kids. His son Sam, a high school student, made this film as part of a Thanksgiving tradition in their family. Dad proudly queued up the movie and I instantly knew this would be a great balance to my serious post for today.

So, with his permission I give you….

Thanksgiving Movie ’07
Sam Orent
November 2007
Turkey Day

From the movie jacket:

Actors in this film include:

Gummi Bear #1
Gummi Bear #2
Cast of the O.C.

Movie written by:
Chimps on an infinite number of typewriters

Length: 3:07
Injuries: 2 lbs of gummi bears
People who wanted to help, but were gone: 1
Scenes planned: ?
Scenes filmed: 28
Scenes in the finished movie: 20
Money won: Jack Squat
Money spent: $6 in gummi bears
People whom laughed til they cried when they saw the rat: 3

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