Tattoo Photos from Friday: Sleeve III

More Tattoo Photos as Promised!

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(link to all my Flickr Tattoo photos)

I finished my sleeve tattoo on Friday. When I showed up at the shop, she asked how long I wanted to sit for the appointment. I, of course, asked how long she had.

W-R-O-N-G question.

“Well, I could finish it if you want.”

Hmmmmmmm, the possibility was too much to turn down.

“Well, let’s go until I cry like a baby,” I said with a grin.

At about the four hour mark, I asked her how long she had worked on someone all in one sitting.

Her answer? Seven hours.

I wasn’t crying…yet.

Finishing my arm took, yes indeed—–seven hours—–give or take 10 minutes.

Before Friday? Yeah, my record, complete with woooosy girl tears, was three and a half hours.

I really need another hobby. Or, I will finish my sleeve. *digs out ocean life books*

Link to Friday’s photos.

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