crzegrl rides again

Well, as I mentioned earlier this month, I am back to my old crazy ways. My tattooista Jackie Brown (yes Patrick, another new word) moved from Philadelphia to Ohio and is now working at Art Bomb Tattoo. A mere drive away! The good news is I can feed my ink addiction without a long trip to the City of Brotherly Love. The bad news is I cannot feed my love of street vendor cheese steaks. The tragedy.

So, the coloring book that is my three quarter sleeve will finally have color today. I will be posting some photos….live! Gawd bless my iPhone.

So, Sylvia (the Saab) and I saddled up and headed out. I am currently sitting in the lobby of a Courtyard hotel, sipping my coffee and happily typing away. Here are some photos of my sleeve so far:

442250768 E0134F7Eb6 M
Initial Drawing

442250950 962Abb933E S
Outline Inked In

617245392 486Cdb87E9 M
Outline and background

Let it never be said that I lived a boring life.

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