Fortune Cookie and Flight Nurse Kisses


After being at work for almost 18 hours and working another 7 at home doing semi-hard labor (cleaning my garage, cleaning the hot tub, vacuuming up dry wall mess, and broken tile mess) I am officially exhausted. It is amazing how therapeutic physical labor is.

Two Coronas and some dinner later, I am ready to pass out. Before I do, however, I wanted to send some kisses (dsl wha?). Yesterday I needed my friends and you guys were amazing. Ironically my fortune at lunch was a day late, but definitely not a dollar short.

My Fortune Cookie Say Today:

Friends long absent are coming back to you……[in bed]

Okay, so the ‘in bed’ part was my own addition, but you guys know who you are. The past few months have been very VERY difficult ones for me. Yesterday was yet another reminder about how loved I am. Thank you all for spending time with me when my heart needed you.

Patrick, Kip, Paul, Ben, Sarah, BJ, Rene’ and John…..

You all make my life better.

Thank you with everything I have.

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