Bring It!

In a statement of the obvious, I would like to say that I have not been writing.


This summer has been one of extremes for me. Somehow, I am just now realizing that the summer isn’t just over, but the fall is as well.

I cannot believe it is November.

Second understatement of the post.

Speaking engagements, work, and travel have kept me busy the past few weeks. I am keeping my brain busy, but am happy to be in a down swing of the insaneness. Notice for once I referred to it as a downswing, and not an endpoint. Someone just told me that maybe I should just embrace the craziness instead of fighting it.

Speaking of craziness, I woke up on Friday and decided to go to Savannah to see one of my closest friends who is home from Iraq. I flew out four hours later. God I have missed being me.

So, my new motto….


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