Far off destinations

It seems as though the girl who always has a project (or four) would be able to entertain herself on a 3.5 hour flight. I am at wit’s end. We are only about a quarter of the way through and my ass already hurts. This is just not a good sign.

The past two series of shifts have produced the end of season trauma flights of which I have some good photos that I need to scrub for HIPAA. Ironically, my talk for NAON on Mechanism of Injury is quickly approaching. It is good to have some original material.

The most recent shock of my life happens to be the fact that November is very quickly approaching. The summer flew by like a cow in a tornado, heaviness swept up into an uncontrolled whirlwind that keeps coming while on a very determined path of destruction.

I am looking forward to the storm to calm so I can evaluate the damage, and start rebuilding.

In the mean time, I will continue to sip my vodka and OJ, and hope that the toddler in the row directly in front of me keeps sleeping.

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