Chronicles of Adventure and Wanderlust

“The crazy experiences of Emily and Ben”

I decided to add a new category as most of my summer was composed of spontaneous and insane experiences with Ben. It is one thing to know you personally live on adrenaline, caffeine and sometimes straight terror. It is an entirely different thing to find someone just as crazy as you.

We actually had a fairly long discussion regarding the usefulness of my adding our adventures here. Ben questioned the applicable nature of the topic. It is true, most times when someone talks about their personal life (dogs, kids, plants) it can be a bit boring if you don’t know the blogger personally. HOWEVER! I believe you get to know someone through their interests and passions. There are also two types of people. Those who think and those who do. Hopefully someone out there will be inspired to get out there and do something they wouldn’t normally do by seeing a bit of our zest for life.

As a bad Hollywood movie goes, we are going to die young and together in an enormous ball of flames, or we are going to die old within weeks of each other after torturing the staff in the nursing home with our completely unbelievable antics. Either way, it will be a good run.

Regardless, these adventures and the time I spend with Ben is an important part of my life so here here they are in all of their glory.

Hopefully these stories will be, at minimum, an interesting read.

Ben—thanks for going along for the ride.


‘Mississippi Saab Run 2007’

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