Flight Nurse Emily . . . Action Figure?

My mom has told me that they should use me as the basis for an action figure. Okay, maybe not action figure but something along the lines of “Roller blade Barbie, Beach Barbie, Teacher Barbie.”

You get the idea.

In the past year of being a flight nurse I have not had the opportunity to actually catch a glimpse of myself at work. Last night, Ben, who was doing a ride along with me, snuck a few photos in the trauma bay from his Treo.

Pilot in left foreground, me in baseball cap over his right shoulder, Flight Doc to my right, Trauma Physician in scrubs.

flight nurse
Me standing at the foot of the stretcher reading off the list of drugs I administered, as well as their doses and times. I don’t function without a hunk of silk tape stuck to my leg. The trauma team is in the background cutting the rest of the patient’s clothes and beginning their assessment.

flight nurse 2
The last flight I almost lost our reusable BP cuff in the trauma bay. . . I had a grip on it this time!

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