No standing between me and Harry Potter

I refused to read Harry Potter. I would not give in to the phenomenon that was a boy wizard. Like many, I thought the hype was crazy. How could a book series be that good?


So shortly after the release of book number four, and much encouragement from my text devouring husband, I picked the first one up. I was hooked. I scarfed down all four books and looked forward to the next.

Book six was released while I was still in graduate school, working night shift in a SICU. Patrick called me while he was in line to collect his pre-ordered copy at midnight. He called at about 6:30 a.m. to tell me how good it was . . .

I suppose it was good that I didn’t have to share a copy, but still, how annoying to have someone constantly ask, “What part did you just read?”

Fast forward to July 2007. This time I was ready! Oh no, being on Annual Training, locked down on post during the release date became the challenge! How was I going to get a copy? Let us just say that LT Emily is the resourceful type.

LT Emily and Harry Potter

Me and Harry # 7 met at 0630 on the day he was welcomed into the world, via Wisconsin. I sent this photo to Patrick from my cell phone to brag. He wasn’t able to get a copy and I was STOKED that I would be able to brag about being finished first.

He called me the next day . . . and yes dear readers, asked me, “What part did you just read?” He found a .pdf of the book. Bastard.

So, I took my time with the rest, savoring every word, sentence, paragraph and page.

Oh, and I did pick up a few extra copies for a few of my soldiers who were as hooked as me. Made me kinda popular.

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