So much of my life has historically been spent in transition. Every two years, almost like clockwork, it was a different state, a different school, a different job.

When I bought my house, a friend accused me of nesting—of ‘giving in.’ Just the thought horrified me.

My NP job lasted for just short of two years. My one year anniversary as a flight nurse is rapidly approaching. In retrospect, nesting is the last thing I did. I was simply positioning myself for the opportunity to do what I knew I was destined to do.

So, as I sit, blogging long hand on a long flight to pick up a trauma patient, I am thinking about my friends what are all at the start of experiencing some major life transition.


Kev, Craig and Ben are all beginning CRNA school. A most daunting task.
Gideon recently became an eligible bachelor again and is moving into a new home as I type this.
Patrick is graduating from the training for his new career in the next two weeks. (I am so proud of you!)
CS is deploying to Iraq, embarking on, what is guaranteed to be, a life changing year.

I am thrilled to see their success and concurrent fear as it takes great personal risk to achieve lofty goals. What amazing people I am surrounded by, and am able to call my friends.

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