Birdies and Band-Aids

There are times in a person’s life when you are able to sit in the company of those who understand you and simply exist. All is in balance and at that very moment you know you could die happy, fulfilled and loved.

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It began as a Friday Golf Scramble with Army comrades. Beer, BBQ and letting our hair down was the order for the day. It then blossomed into a Wednesday trip to collect Ben, Thursday night with Kev, Friday golf, Saturday Ethiopian food and more BBQ with J9, Sunday promotions and a quiet evening at home which extended into Monday Morning.

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Although this is a blog where I try to keep up with Nursing issues, and submit my version of the Flight Nursing world, this is part of my life as well. It is days like this that make me feel the most alive.

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See Kev’s link about the weekend here at—and my Treo is the one which is plugged in!

flickr set here.

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