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Writing doesn’t just happen.

This may seem like a simple statement, but it has taken quite some time for me to realize it. Writing is progressing into an all consuming process integrating itself into the way I think. Ideas materialize at different times, many when I am missing a pen, or have a syringe in my hand instead. Unfortunately, there is no taking a quick break during a flight in order to trap a thought. Sadly it has led to many a lost post.

I now go everywhere with my laptop, and two moleskine note books. The small one is on my person at almost all times. The larger is around for those times using my computer isn’t possible or I am simply in the mood for putting pen to paper.

Leave it to Flight Nurse Emily to take notes while driving down the road, or while on the treadmill. And yes, I have done both. Now let’s see if it is reflected in the number and quality of my posts!

So tell me, what is your writing process like?

  1. You’re so right – writing doesn’t just happen. I am usually inspired when I’m scrubbed in surgery or when I’ve got to have both hands on the wheel of my car. I was actually thinking of getting one of those digital voice recorders to keep in my vehicle. And perhaps in the OR I can start tracking some thoughts on scratch paper (i.e., the back of the paper tags used to pass a tie from a surgical gown). So far it’s just been a matter of having the energy and being in the right frame of mind to do it.

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