Cold day in Hell

Well, it isn’t quite hell, but I can no longer argue with a dear friend from the south who curses the “horrible cold” that is the north.

This morning at 8:30 there was NO snow on the ground. Five hours later? Between 3 and 4 inches. How can this possibly be the 11th of April?

This photo was taken a few minutes ago through my kitchen window:

Img 2264 4:11:2007

With the surprise snow, the critters are taking advantage of my bird feeders. When I was little, I would watch my mom run out in the snow to fill the bird feeders in shorts a t-shirt and boots. I cracked up when I realized I was filling them in my flip-flops the other day (before the snow silly!).

Img 2262 4:11:2007
Little Thief

Over the past few weeks, one of the feeders was being tipped open by a mysterious invader. Last night, the mystery of the dumped out bird feeder was solved. Although I caught a squirrel perched on the top today, I was alerted to the sneak by the mighty hunting dogs Lucy and Steve. Standing under the bird feeder at dusk was a White Tail deer, with an accomplice just a few yards away. Hmmmm.

Img 2268 4:11:2007
Lucy and Steve: the mighty hunter dogs

After today, this Yankee Vixen is willing to LEARN to be a Southern Bell.

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