French Maid replaces Naughty Nurse


There is just something to be said for being ultra productive during my last day off prior to a long string of shifts. I tend to ‘let it all go’ during my days at work but many times, don’t have the gumption to catch up on my few days off. Patrick loves to tell people that the amount of mess existing in the house is directly proportional to the number of days I have worked in a row.

Not only are my taxes done (okay, all I really had to do is review what the preparer did!), but my car registration is mailed in a month early, my check book is balanced, my pile of papers has been sorted and filed/shreded, the laundry is done, floors vacuumed, dogs bathed, work clothes laid out, lunch packed, dishes done——and a blog post written.

Okay, so this post has nothing to do with dressing up in a French Maid outfit, but there are a few of you who were REALLY excited by that title! Ummmmhmmmm. You know who you are . . .

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