Nursing—the Amazing Profession

The last flights back home from areas far and wide have crossed my path with nurses. We are every where doing incredibly interesting things. The first nurse worked with OB prevention/outreach programs which are funded by the state. The nurse I am currently sitting near works in a Health Department STD clinic. She has worked in Step-Down, MICU, and Post-Partum, to name just a few areas.

What other profession contains such diversity? I find it throughly amazing that a common background leads to so many different interests. Get bored taking care of adult trauma patients? Get a job in a NICU. Get bored there? Move to home care. Don’t like the hours at one? Move to another.

Oh, and you will rarely, if ever, meet an unintelligent nurse. We will be all shapes, sizes, ages and backgrounds, but as a whole, you have to be smarter than the average population.

God how I love this profession.

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