All Growed up

The past few days have been a flurry of activity prepping for both my trip to San Diego for the AAOS conference and Patrick’s return home. As I sit on the plane working on my Power Point presentation I realize that I am closer to professional self-actualization than ever.

Okay, so it took me over three hours of pain and suffering to find an appropriate business suit and shoes yesterday worthy of standing in front of a few hundred audience members. I guess that part of me needs to be worked on. BUT, the vodka and OJ on the first leg of my flight is making me one happy flight nurse.

I also forget the interesting social atmosphere related to the professional person’s “summer camp.” Next to me on the plane is a biomedical company rep who is headed to the same conference. Conversation is easy and the general TDY* (what happens on TDY, stays on TDY) attitude is apparent. Interesting that he is in the aisle seat very unaware that I am writing about him. I got a lucky break with an empty middle seat so my inner tech geek is able to spread out in all of my battery and cord glory.

Maybe I will attempt to live blog the very boring conference. WiFi in the main room will be like a winning scratch off ticket. Expected, but a pleasant surprise nonetheless.

*TDY is an Army Acronym for Temporary Duty

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