Makes me crazy (er) Rant—TLC’s “Untold Stories of the ER”

START RANT> “Untold Stories of the ER

Please, PLEASE for the love of pete, if you decide to do a ‘real life stories’ kind of show about medicine, especially the emergency kind, hire medical consultants!

When is the last time you got a blood pressure of 46/17 PALP? And the flight nurse with the trauma patient who is wearing her helmet IN the emergency room? You can’t hear anything with your helmet on unless it is plugged into the helicopter’s communication system. They have noise canceling which keeps out the aircraft noise (and everything else).

We won’t talk about this massive trauma patient who was rolled in without spinal immobilization (no back board) with the head of the bed up. Or the lack of an attempt at showing body substance isolation (face shields, gloves) during the trauma evaluation which included an arterial (read: SQUIRTING) bleeding.

And please, can you lose the caddy nurses? They annoyed even me.

<End Rant