iTunes Addiction

“Hello, my name is Emily, and I am an iTunes addict.”

Does anyone else have an iTunes problem or am I just a sucker for the convenience of it? There is something so gratifying about watching the download progression bar as my computer receives the latest episode of this, or the most recent podcast of that. I actually watched a movie in its entirety while bouncing around in the back of an ambulance last week.

Yes, a 2+ hour movie (in bits, between patients, throughout the day) from an itsy, bitsy screen while bouncing around like a ping pong ball in a shoe box.

And I loved every, tech-nerd minute of it.

B000Axwhqw.01. Sl110 Sctzzzzzzz

I am actually (hopefully) going to be crediting Grey’s Anatomy for a significant weight loss. I save those particular episodes for the treadmill/stationary bike. Funny how 15 extra minutes on the treadmill is no big deal when there is an episode to finish.