More information than Jen wanted to know…

From Five Things::I’m really bored

Img 1869

5 things in my fridge


–Sugar Free Red Bull

–Butterscotch topping


–One of my favorite German Wines

Img 1872

5 things in my wardrobe

–Black sexy boots with 4″ heels

–Work hiking boots

–Sexy calf skin shoes with 4″ heels

–Army ACU boots

Lucchese Ostrich Cowboy boots (bought in Amarillo, TX)

Img 1873

5 things in my Bag

–Bottle of Ibuprofen…almost empty

–“Critical Care Transport” field guide

–Treo 650

–Powerbook G4


Img 1878

5 things in my (Car) Jeep Wrangler

–Chewing Gum

–Stereo Remote


–Gun Safe (necessary with the Jeep’s soft top)

–Clown Nose from Cirque du Soleil’s Dralion

Okay, so the photos weren’t completely necessary and I used this to avoid studying for tomorrow’s PALS class. However, in summary, the items I chose, actually explain quite a lot about me:

1) I am high maintenance

–German wine, Red Bull, expensive shoes, expensive electronics, geesh!

2) I am a freakin’ nerd

–who else carries a computer, Palm OS cell phone, iPod, and the camera she took the photos with EVERYWHERE????

3) I am not to be messed with

–the gun safe isn’t for the clown nose

4) I am silly

–See also: clown nose

5) I am low maintenance

–how many chicks go to work in hiking boots and wear Army boots on the weekends?

–See also: flight suit & Army uniform hiding behind shoes in photo

So, a chick that loves electronics, owns a gun, works 2 different kick ass jobs that require kick ass uniforms, is 6 foot tall in her sexyback heels…AND WEARS A CLOWN NOSE???

Damn weird.

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