I just love finding new blogs written by self-proclaimed politically incorrect nurses! I just added “i give good shot” to my blog-roll. From her profile:

I’m a married mother of 3, liberal and politically incorrect. If you’re sensitive or “don’t like bad words” you better click on out of here, cuz my favorite word is “fuck” and I don’t care what anyone else thinks.

Check her out and give her some love!

Oh, and read her post “And I thought he was gay.” Unfortunately, I do not have a WordPress login to leave a comment, but am pissed that this goes on. I am even more pissed that Nurses still don’t have enough unspoken, unquestionable support to fight this kind of disgusting behavior. It is easy to say I would have just kicked said doctor in the balls if I was in the same situation, but it is so much easier to internalize and attempt to keep the peace like I sometimes do as a woman, and as a nurse.

BamaNurse—-hope you are reading this. I bet you are one in a long line that he is doing this shit to. Keep us posted, keep your head up and always consider that shot to the jewels…we will all cheer!

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