Flight Nurse Initiation

With my first real flight nurse shift series over, I am still attempting to shut my mind off and come up for air. First priority was to readjust my sleep schedule away from that of the vampires. My second has been to make sense of the last few days.

For the uninitiated (aka: yours truly) the variety of chief complaints was overwhelming. I am an ADULT Acute Care NP. Taking care of kiddos is going to be one of my weak points…that and anything dealing with cardiology. Jesus do I need to be sticking my head in my books.

A bit of terminology explaining the differences between missions: Transfer–pick up patient at one hospital (either on unit/floor/emergency department) and take them to the “Big Hospital” (aka: BH). Scene–patient is picked up at the scene of accident. Cheap Scene–care of patient is transferred to us usually at a rendezvous point, usually via ambulance (patient has NOT been seen in a hospital).

With out further adu, here is how the holiday weekend shook out:

Day One:
Transfer: One month old with apneic periods
Transfer: 70 something female, post arrest

Day Two:
Transfer: 40 something male, self-inflicted GSW to thigh
Transfer: 60 something female, bowel perforation

Day Three:
Transfer: 80 something female, MVC with pelvic fractures, subtrochanteric fracture and (at the time) unknown C2 fracture
Scene: 20 something male, MVC with dusted C2, C3, right wrist fracture, post code
Transfer: 1 y/o male, respiratory arrest due to mechanically obstructed airway

Day Four:
Cheap Scene: 40 something male, head laceration/possible seizure activity

Although I am understandably overwhelmed with what I was exposed to, I am so happy about the amount I was able to learn. Imagine learning more in four days then in over an entire year. I know that this is just a sketchy list, but there are stories to be had here.

Teaser: One of the above patients was my first experience at a real life saving intervention. This was the first time in 13 years that I can actually say “we” did something dramatic that was the IMMEDIATE difference between life and death…

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