NAON and the paper that will not be published

So, imagine my surprise when scan the latest volume of Orthopaedic Nursing and find an article titled “Pelvic Fractures.”

The relevance? I was asked to write the SAME ARTICLE by one of their editors a few months ago. I have since spent hours on a case study, research and writing with the first draft due the beginning of September. Since being asked, I have requested the assistance of my peers, library staff, medical records staff and had informed both my new boss and my previous boss.

Boy do I feel like the asshole.

Good news? It was going to be difficult to finish it with my commitment to my flight nurse job. Most importantly, I will be using the same researched information (to include intra-op photos and lots of great films) in a talk I will be giving in February. All is not lost or wasted…this time.

Oh, and just for the record? Mine is better.

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