AeroMed Interview

The good news is that I survived the interview. The bad news is that they gave me a written exam with a SHIT load of cardiology and pediatrics on it.

Have I expressed my deep and unmoving dislike of cardiology??? Kiddos? No problems. I suck at the pedi portion, but that is just lack of exposure. Cardiology I have a difficult time getting. Guess I will be getting over that fast if they offer the position to me.

Hey, is it a good sign when the Chief Nurse stops taking notes on those required HR questions to just sit and listen to you?

Is it good when she makes a point of taking you into the COO/Medical Directors office to make introductions and he shuts the door to do an impromptu interview?

The kicker? He asked why they hadn’t heard from me earlier.

Keep those fingers, eyes, and toes crossed Mark!

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