Ass Chewing=Aeromed Interview

Got a chewing out from a great work friend of mine.

She (in her minister ways…yes, she is a minister) jumped up and down telling me that I needed to sort out my priorities and figure out what was going to make me happy professionally.

I applied for a flight nurse job 8 months ago…they didn’t interview me saying they were “interested, but shooting for the moon” and hoping for someone with both a nursing and a paramedic license.

The person they offered the position to didn’t end up having the paramedic license.

She turned the job down.

After my friend’s chewing out and hearing that news (my sister is friends with the person who turned it down), I sent the flight person an email yesterday.

She called me today.

I am not doing Nurse Practitioner stuff in my Nurse Practitioner job.

Everything I have done since leaving the Army was so I could fly again.

I may finally have my chance…keep your fingers crossed.

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